Is there something you want to accomplish? Is there an area in your life you want to improve? Do you want to lose weight? Or get in shape? Do you want to break a bad habit…be a better parent…be a better friend? Do you desire a better version of U? How many important goals in life are typically left unfinished? That workout plan…diet program…work projects...a promise made to a loved one. Whenever something is left unfinished… THE ONLY PERSON "U" CHEAT IS "U" - TOPUCU!


TOPUCU is a program designed to transform your thinking and actions. Consider it a training camp for the mind. In the area of personal development it makes what seems complex – understandable. And what seems insurmountable - obtainable. The program offers 7 Steps with in-depth teachings on breaking bad habits, setting goals, staying motivated, managing your time and much more. It’s based on the secrets that successful people have been using for years - athletes, entertainers, CEOs, innovators, and pioneers around the globe. TOPUCU is a transformational program designed to develop FINISHERS. This program anticipates the challenges you may face for each stage of progress and provides you with profound mind sets that help you finish.



Norm Hills has 45 years experience in corrections working with both adult and juvenile populations. His experience and leadership in the industry has positioned him as a leading voice in corrections and inmate programs in the state of Ohio. He began his career as a social work intern at the Ohio State Reformatory where he later earned rank as the Deputy Warden. He was appointed the Chief Inspector of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. In 1986, he became the “activation” Warden for the Department, opening Pickaway Correctional Institution, Correctional Reception Center in 1987, Grafton Correctional Institution in 1988 and the Lorain Correctional Institution in 1989. In 1991 he was appointed as the North Regional Director, responsible for all aspects of operations for 16 of Ohio’s 31 prisons. Norm also served in Juvenile Corrections as Deputy Warden, Warden and Juvenile Parole Board Member. Norm is a native of Northern Ohio with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with majors in Sociology and Psychology from Ashland University.


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