See what people are saying about TOPUCU

“This program is like no other offered here in Ohio’s prison system. TOPUCU has taught me, in a very short time, how to look inside of myself in order to make permanent and very positive changes. TOPUCU is a powerful and needed program for all.”
— Robert H.
“Mr Rigg... had been incarcerated for over 20 years. He has NEVER completed a program. Graduating from TOPUCU is a first for him.”
— Jennifer B. - Staff at GRC
“When working out now I look at my wristband when I want to stop and it reminds me of the TOPUCU principles and gives me the extra drive to reach my goals ... to be able to do the things I couldn’t do before ... don’t stop I truly believe this program will help many people change their lives”
— John C.
“I do not believe I will ever face life on the same principles as before TOPUCU, the formula is there to guide and when things don’t work out, I know how to continue the process and re-examine on the positive to see what needs to be adjusted, therefore no failures, just re-adjustments. After 41 years in prison, thank you for the opportunity to experience the best program I’ve seen and to have its principles envelop me.”
— Carl B.
“... I feel that this program will thrive in this environment because we are looking for change in our lives and through TOPUCU we have a chance to make those changes”
— Ricky A.
“I can tell you that most of the programs that I have personally attempted, I have never completed, due to the lack of motivation and enthusiasm that they offer. Most of the programs are the same old dull kind of preaching that you typically get in prison, but the TOPUCU program is different. TOPUCU drives you to want to be the best that you can be.”
— Tom G.
“My background and history in life led me to believe I could get nothing out of programs offered in prison, but TOPUCU has changed how I feel about that ... ultimately what I am trying to say is, as an educated man that was in management for close to 20 years, I recognize just how amazing TOPUCU is. It is the single best program I have participated in; in or out of prison.”
— Tim R.
“TOPUCU is the first program that really made me look deep down inside my soul ... it is put together where everyone can understand it”
— Randy M.
TOPUCU is the first program I’ve experienced that gives the participants sound principles to guide their lives. It is easily understood, easy to practice and gives a solid basis for changing habits and making decisions. The statistical research is impressive. While all that is important, the most important benefit of the program is what it does for the individual without ever telling them they’re “bad”. We have witnessed folks complete the program that have NEVER completed any program—-in one case, the offender has over 20 years of incarceration. Others have practiced applying the principles and have reached goals they set, have set future goals and are using their time wisely. While TOPUCU is not a “magic pill” it does transform behaviors, giving a set of principles for guidance. The preliminary results are demonstrating improved behavior, better focus, more resiliency and a reduction in criminal thinking. To top all those positive items…….rule infractions and violence is diminishing……simply a by-product of practicing basic principles……
— Norm H.